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meet carol ann demarco

Carol Ann is a native "Philly" girl who graduated from the University of Delaware with a BA in Communications and Theatre. Her senior thesis film project which she wrote, produced and starred in won an Emmy in the Philadelphia Chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts and Science. With trophy in hand, she moved up to New York City to pursue acting and waitressing! Fortunately her acting skills excelled over pouring coffee! She is a character actress with strong roots in comedy and theatre. She trained with Terry Schreiber, studied at HB Studios and took improv at The Groundlings which sparked a passion in improv and comedy.

Life took a detour and she got the role of a lifetime: a full time mom to two beautiful girls. When her youngest was leaving the nest, with Carol Ann "gently" making that final push, she returned to NYC and has resumed her acting career full time.

Her recent training has included studying with Seth Barrow and Lee Brock of the Barrow Group, Bob Krakower, acting for camera classes, scene study classes and improv training at Upright Citizens Brigade.

Recent TV credits include co star roles on Law & Order: SVU, and Showtime’s The Loudest Voice. In Film she has had several lead roles in indies, with one short receiving 7 awards, and another a “Best Short” nomination in the NYCIFF Festival. She was recently nominated for Best Supporting Actress for her work in Monarch Butterfly by the AOF Megafest Film Festival. In Theatre, she is a member of the Network NYC Theatre Company where she has played several leads with recent nominations for Best Supporting Actress and Best Actress. (should be italics). Last season, she won Best Actress in a Comedic Role for her role in The Ladies. Currently she is collaborating and creating her own content: a satirical short and a short sci fi thriller to be shot in LA. Last summer she traveled to Florence, Italy to complete a Master Intensive in scene study for film with an Edward Albee play.

One of Carol Ann's strength is her comedic timing and her gift in improv. However, she easily transitions from strong dramas to engaging comedies seamlessly. She plays strong, friendly , accessible women with honesty and a moral compass.

Besides her passion for acting, Carol Ann loves traveling. Her past travels have taken her throughout the United States, the islands, and several countries with Italy her favorite destination! She is set to study in Florence this summer. Perhaps someday she will retire in a villa in Tuscany taking her inspiration from one of her favorite books and film "Under the Tuscan Sun"!



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The story reminds me of Misery. Deborah Kuhn, Anthony Grasso and Carol Ann Bell deliver powerful performances, displaying range that is impressive. To go from calm to explosive at the drop of a dime isn’t easy (at least and be believable). Rob Figueroa is spot as as the shrink. You don’t want to take your eyes of the cast.
— Brian McLane, Transparent Film Festival