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About Me

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"This past year I opened my production company, Peach Patch Productions, LLC.  PPP’s mission statement is to produce media content that is inclusive, that is women driven, inspires people..."

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I am a native "Philly" girl born in Roxborough; the only girl smack in the middle of five brothers which is a movie in its own right!


From performing as a famous pop star in my room, to pretending I was hiding from aliens in my closet, to reenacting the Bionic Woman in the shower running in the rain, I am grateful that it all has led me to my career as a professional actor (although, my 5 brothers would not say the same after what they had to listen to!)


Despite the fury I would get from my siblings from the actions mentioned above, all I needed was the affirmation from my Mom which was music to my ears: “Carol Ann, you are such a Drama Queen, and a Gypsy.”  The nickname I was given was “Ms. Prim” which I thought was a fine stage name. 

After graduating from the University of Delaware with a BAS in Communications and Theatre, my senior thesis film project which I wrote, produced and starred in won an Emmy in the Philadelphia Chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts and Science. With a trophy in hand, I moved to New York City to pursue acting (and waitressing!)

I landed in the NY scene as a character actress with strong roots in comedy and theatre. I trained with Terry Schreiber, studied at HB Studios and took improv at The Groundlings which sparked a passion in improv and comedy.  I had many successes in small black box theatres and Off Off (Off!) Broadway theatre shows, learning, creating, and living.

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However, my journey took a detour and I landed the role of a lifetime: a full-time mom to two beautiful girls and settled in Fredericksburg, VA. 


This city girl went country, yep!


When my youngest left the nest for college, I returned to acting full time in NYC.  

Within a year, working diligently in studying acting for the camera with various teachers (Barrow Group, Bob Krakower and UCB,)  I had become a member of The Network NSPF theatre company, secured an agent and manager, booked several co- star roles including Law and Order: SVU, and a Showtime Limited Series, as well as auditioned for a Series Regular role on a Fox Comedy show.

 I was also fortunate enough to live like a local for an extended period, and take a master class on “Scene study for the Camera” in one of my favorite cities:  Florence Italy. 

Being back on the NY Stage was exhilarating and I performed the lead in many award winning plays and independent films.  Of my favorites for Theatre accolades was The Ladies, now being workshopped as a full- length play, in which I was awarded Best Actress in a Comedic Role. In film, playing the no nonsense, psychotic Dr. Sylvia in my first TV movie A Party Gone Wrong, which appeared on the Lifetime Channel as part of their Summer of Secrets series in May 2021, is by far one of my most memorable roles and experiences thus far.  


I did my own stunts (and have thanked myself years later for discovering that athleticism that has led me to playing pickleball) and came away with the bruises to show for it.  When they ask you if you would like a pad for your shoulder to lessen the blow of the fake tire iron – note to self …say Yes! The first 5 times didn’t hurt at all but 20 takes later … 

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This past year, I opened my production company, Peach Patch Productions, LLC.  PPP’s mission statement is to produce media content that is inclusive, that is women driven, inspires people to laugh more, and shares stories that foster compassion in our world.  With that in mind, I am currently in development for, and will be an executive producer on and lead actor in:

  • Two comedic shorts, in which I am co-writing, co-producing and co-starring in, to be shot in NYC in 2022

  • Untitled web series/proof of concept project, in which I am co-writing, co-producing and co-starring in, is in development

  • Feature length psychological horror film, in which I will be co-producing and starring in.

I am so thrilled to be creating my own work, to tell stories that are important to me: ones that hopefully will resonate with and entertain people and make an impact on their lives. 


The reality of this career has far surpassed the expectations I had when playing pretend as a kid (although running in the shower as the Bionic Women was much easier than real stunt work and lended me less bruises!)


Looking forward to if/when our passes cross. And if they do, feel free to call me Ms. Prim. 

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